British but not as we know it

There was a report out this week that stated that just 8% of the British Olympic merchandise is actually going to be manufactured in Britain.  Although most of the companies allocated the contracts are British, they are mostly outsourcing their production overseas. 
Is it me or is this a massive wasted opportunity?  We are certainly not short of creative talent in this country, far from it.  However, all visitors are going to be able to see and buy are mascots made in China and bed linen made in Turkey.  Not only does this cause pollution from factories and shipping from abroad but Britain is barely going to benefit from the money generated by these orders.  Isn't the country in need of more jobs?  Wouldn't it be a great opportunity to show off our talent?
Isn't it a staggering oversight that our British government, along with 50 British business delegates, recently travelled all the way to China to promote British products, yet then failed to ensure that British made products were available in Britain at one of the biggest events on the world stage for a generation?!!  A golden opportunity like the Olympics comes along and somehow they manage to flood it with non-British made, mass produced goods for sale?!!  How crass is that? 
Yes, I know its all about big business and they need to make money, but don't the government keep going on about how they want to support entrepreneurs and small businesses and promote British products?  Isn't it time they did something about it?
I will be writing to my MP to ascertain whether there will be any opportunity for designer makers of British made goods to sell their wares and if not, why not.  Here on this page are a few gorgeous items made by British designers in Britain.  If we can't take advantage of promoting British talent at this fantastic opportunity, when can we?