What would the 99% do?

If just 1% of the population can cause so much environmental destruction, financial devastation, colossal waste, poverty and human misery on such a vast scale, what could be achieved if the 99% were to work together to go in a different direction to build a new, sustainable and equitable model? 

Do we not have an obligation as the 99% to stop the callous and potentially disasterous disregard for nature and mankind? 

What would you do?


Father's Day Gift Ideas

Dads can be difficult to buy for, so here are a few suggestions.  Hope they help!

Arranging a few garden flowers

Snip off a few clematis flowers from the garden if you have them and make a pretty informal arrangement with a few little vases, such as below:

A cause for celebration

The Royal Wedding was a great celebration of a very British institution and British produce.  The theme of 'British where ever possible' is surely to be applauded.  The beautiful dress was by the British designer Sarah Burton.  The lace applique for the body and skirt was handmade by the Royal School of Needlework at Hampton Court.  
The food was a celebration of British produce.  For example, Scottish smoked salmon, Scottish langoustines, Cornish crab salad, English goats cheese, lamb from the Windsor estate, British cheese selection, Gressingham duck and wine from Chapel Down in Kent.  The fruit cake was from Fiona Cairns and a biscuit cake from McVities. 
At least the Royals recognise the importance of British produce, especially on such a British occassion.
This is not something to be taken for granted for, at the British Olympics, it is said that only about 8% of the merchandise is made in Britain and the food and drink sponsors are McDonalds, Cadbury's and Coca-Cola.  It would seem our politicians do not have the same principles or loyalties.

Love Products and Olympics latest

Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.  Here at Not Mass Produced we have such lovely things, though I say it myself.  Don't you think items that are handmade with affection are so much more appreciated than thier factory made counterparts?
Here are a few examples:

The response from my MP (who also happens to be the Business Minister) about the Olympic merchandise being mainly produced overseas was that, 90% of the companies producing Olympic produce were British, but where they made the products was the responsibility of those companies. "Those companies who source their manufacturing from overseas do so when there is no manufacturing left for that kind of produce in the UK."  

I find it difficult to believe that the UK can't produce towels, toys, sheets and mugs?  It seems to me to be more to do with those companies maximising their profits than anything else.  The UK reached a record £9.2bn trade deficit in December according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics.  It is even more reason to encourage UK manufacturing at the Olympics is it not?