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Valentine's Day is nearly upon us.  Here at Not Mass Produced we have such lovely things, though I say it myself.  Don't you think items that are handmade with affection are so much more appreciated than thier factory made counterparts?
Here are a few examples:

The response from my MP (who also happens to be the Business Minister) about the Olympic merchandise being mainly produced overseas was that, 90% of the companies producing Olympic produce were British, but where they made the products was the responsibility of those companies. "Those companies who source their manufacturing from overseas do so when there is no manufacturing left for that kind of produce in the UK."  

I find it difficult to believe that the UK can't produce towels, toys, sheets and mugs?  It seems to me to be more to do with those companies maximising their profits than anything else.  The UK reached a record £9.2bn trade deficit in December according to the latest data from the Office of National Statistics.  It is even more reason to encourage UK manufacturing at the Olympics is it not?

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