Wool - it's officially eco-friendly, Prince Charles says so!

Hats off to Prince Charles who is championing a comeback for woollen goods as opposed to cheap synthetic throwaway garments destined for landfill sites.  Apart from being gorgeous, wool helps keep farmers in business, keeps sheep on the hills and preserves the landscape.  Wool is fully bio-degradable, it lasts longer than synthetic material, it's warmer, doesn't use fossil fuels and looks great.  We, at Not Mass Produced do not need to be convinced - we already are!  Look at our beautiful selection.
Hand knitted wollen flower brooches by Rebeccamaryjane are £8.50.  The moss stitch bag is by Woolcake and is made of 100% wool from their own farm in Somerset.  The bag is handknitted at £40. The stripey hat is by Susan Bolton and is 65% merino wool and costs £38. 

And check out these delicate and beautiful accessories handmade by Fleur de Boheme.  The brooch is just £10 and the wrap £57


  1. I just love the way knitting has transformed in recent years, what great designs.

  2. here here! i particularly like that bag, yummy.


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