Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2012

London creativity and wellbeing week 2012

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week 2012

We spotted this great series of events happening in the capital - such a fantastic initiative that will hopefully be replicated outside of London too if it's successful and well attended.  Art and culture is what makes us human,  it's excellent to see the creative community and health services coming together in this way and working as a team.

London Creativity and Wellbeing Week is a brand new idea. Our hope is that it will shine a light on all the different ways that the arts help and improve the health of Londoners and the amazing work that goes on all year round. There is a growing body of evidence indicating the profound effect engagement in the arts and creativity can have on health and wellbeing. The arts bring us alive, nourish our curiosity, help us learn – they change the places in which we are treated – and make them places we might want to be, they can improve the relationship between clinician and patient, and they give us the courage to face our own frailties and strengths. 
The week, kicking off on June 13th, will be filled with discussions, exhibitions, performances and many more exciting and creative activities all across London.   Head over to the Creativity and Wellbeing website for more details of what's going on, there's almost definitely something that you will be keen to visit or do.

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