Easy Shoulder Bag Tutorial

tiny happy shoulder bag

TinyHappy Market Bag Tutorial

This is a fantastic free shoulder bag tutorial - it's easy to sew up (I've made quite a few of these for personal use) and if you already have a little experience of sewing it won't take you long to make up.  The trickiest part is joining up the straps so they appear seamless, but that just takes a little practise and patience. If you google 'tiny happy shoulder bag' and do an image search you will see just how many people have made lovely bags as a result of this tutorial, with the image above from Ruby Chickadee on Flickr being just one - it's a very pretty version!

free shoulder bag tutorial pattern

shoulder bag tutorial

The tutorial is from blogger Tiny Happy - it's one of our favourite blogs here at Not Mass Produced, be warned, if you click to see it you may find yourself completely immersed in this TinyHappy world and the wonderful posts archive (so beautiful!) -  you may not have enough time left to make up this lovely shoulder bag!

How about a market bag / shopper that's all ready been handmade from Not Mass Produced -  We think this floral shopper from Dish Dash Bags is perfect for a trip to the market (farmers market or just your local Sainsburys!)  It has a very sweet little heart detail on the front to add a bit of personality.

shoulder bag

Have you found any excellent bag tutorials (or written any) we'd love you to share the link, add a comment below :)

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