Unique Handmade Jewellery

We have a growing collection of fantastic jewellery designers at Not Mass Produced.  Here we have posted just a small taste of the truly unique handmade jewellery available, to whet your appetite.  

We think handmade jewellery is particularly special. Jewellery is a gift to be cherished, kept safe and worn close.  When given as a gift it often represents a special event in our lives, or a connection with someone special.  

silver and green resin ring

When a piece of jewellery is a one off or just one of a very small number created it adds even more value to the piece. With mass produced jewellery from the big chain stores of jewellers, potentially 1000's of people are wearing the exact same piece of jewellery. 

The designer makers we have featured here are passionate about their craft, putting enormous effort into the unique design and feel of their finished work - we think it shows!

silver lace imprint earrings

Silver heart twist pendant

If you make or design unique handmade jewellery or products and would like to enquire about joining 'Not Mass Produced', please take a look at what we look for in our artists and designers here.

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  1. Jewellery is a gift to be cherished, kept safe and worn close.


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