Gift Guide - 1st wedding Anniversary gifts

Traditionally in the United Kingdom first wedding gifts should be made from paper.  The symbolism of wedding anniversary gifts is a wonderful tradition and we think one that should be continued.  The materials from paper through to Diamonds for a 60th anniversary all have a set heirarchy and of course paper is at the bottom, a fragile one year of marriage meriting such a delicate material to honour it.

Paper gifts can in fact be astoundingly beautiful - while many of us would delight in receiving a book or journal, we wanted to see what else we could find.  These three independent designer makers are creating the most wonderful pieces of wall art which will make perfect 1st anniversary gifts.

Paper Cut art - Ant Design Gifts

We also love this beautiful paper based jewellery from Ellymental Designs, perfect for a 1st anniversary gift.

Paper jewellery - Ellymental Designs

And don't forget, whatever you decide to buy to celebrate this special first year of marriage, ensure that it is wrapped up beautifully - We love this hand printed paper!

Hand printed tag and paper - The Sussex Soap Company

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