Perpetual Birthday Calendars and Clipboard Organisation

Get organised with Multiple Clipboards

Having a really well organised home office regardless of the space you have available can really help to keep you stress free! We love the idea of hanging multiple clipboards on the wall and using them to organise your to do list or larger projects.  This picture from Decor8 may be a little uber minimalist but as a bit of a clutterbug it's something to aspire to!

Take away the huge pile of paperwork to be sorted and clip it on the wall ready to be tackled bit by bit - it has a psychological effect, it makes the paperwork instantly seem more manageable.   If it's a letter from school it goes on one board, if it's a bill to be paid asap onto another.  The fact it's hanging up in your office or kitchen means you are more likely to get to it than if it's left to pile up into a disorganised heap.

Perpetual Birthday Calendar 

You could also clip a perpetual birthday calendar up somewhere to remind you to shop for gifts and cards.  If it's right in front of you it's easier to notice and keep it updated than a notebook that may end up in a drawer.  It's also more personal than having your smart phone or facebook bleep at you. 

A top tip for a birthday calendar is to write down what year the person was born so you can always work out their age.

As we were searching for perpetual calendars and clipboards for our Clipboard Pinterest board, we discovered that the Dutch are famous for hanging their birthday calendars on the toilet door! 

Do you have any tips for organising your home office and keeping on top of all your 'to-dos' week to week?

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  1. Those are awesome ideas, I wish I had the wall space to do this :)


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