Gift Wrapping Ideas - Hole Punch Confetti!

The joy of receiving a gift can be quadrupled when it's beautifully and thoughtfully wrapped.  Adding details like ribbons and bows can allow you to use simple and inexpensive wrapping paper and yet it can make the gift look stunning!  As you know we love brown paper packaging and this confetti ribbon really caught our eye and inspired us to search out more great hole punch confetti ideas.

You can buy punches in all sorts of shapes, hearts, trees - just take a browse on google for Craft Paper Punches for inspiration - so you needn't stick with the tradition office punch.

Hole punch confetti can be made of paper that's destined for the recycling bin, so it's a jolly ethical decoration too.  If you see some brightly coloured junk mail, why not turn it into confetti for use at a later date - you could even get the kids to do all the hard work!

You could use this simple idea to create any shape or design on your wrapped gifts, just be sure to use plenty of glue!

If your mind is now buzzing with creative ideas for wrapping presents, take a look at our recent post with a selection of environmentally friendly gift wrapping ideas - beautiful gift wrap that's also made from sustainable materials.

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