5 Must Read Green Living Blogs

We have compiled a small collection of 5 of our current favourite green living blogs.  Blogs from the UK dedicated to sharing tips on living a more sustainable lifestyle. We are big supporters of green living at Not Mass Produced, so we love to read blog posts about the latest eco and design products and get some tips and info on reducing our carbon footprint from these well informed green bloggers.

 Barkingside 21

This is a great blog that was started around a community action group after the 'Agenda 21' action plan for sustainable living that was one of the results of the environmental summit in Rio, back in 1992.  

Little Green Blog

Little Green Blog
Meet Mrs, Mr and little Miss Green, they have a beautiful blog sharing tips for living more sustainably.

Green and natural Living

Green and Natural Living
Full of lots of useful information, 'Green and Natural living is written by Jackie, a "green living, salsa loving, Lincolnshire Yellowbelly, mother of 2"

Brigit Strawbridge blog

Bee Strawbridge

"Trying to help by raising awareness about the importance of biodiversity and other important issues such as: bees; soil; permaculture; food; ethics; animal rights; growing food; sustainable living and more..."  A great blog from Brigit Strawbridge - a surname we now all associate with living life in a more sustainable way!
The Green familia blog

The Green Familia

Absolutely packed with tips on where to shop for more environmentally friendly products and tips on being frugal as well as being green.  They also have a really useful directory of stockists that sell sustainable and ethical products.

We hope you enjoy looking through these inspiring blogs - let us know if you have any favourite green living blogs in the comments :)


  1. I always follows Bee Strawbridge blog for eco friendly information, in that I will get very update information.

  2. Thanks so much for including Little Green Blog :) THere are two here I've not come across before so will be checking them out later today; thanks for spreading the word - it's always lovely to meet new 'green' bloggers on the block :)


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