Summer Punch Recipes

There is something uniquely luxurious about a lazy summer garden party and the wonderful clinking of ice cubes as the punch is ladled into glasses.  We're looking forward to trying these delicious sounding punch recipes over the summer.

So absolutely no excuses -  you don't even need a special punch bowl and ladle to provide a top drawer punch for your guests this summer.  And remember it's a lot more fun to be in charge of the punch bowl than the bbq!  

sangria punch recipe

Strawberry Margarita Spritzers

Are you having a party over the summer?  

Here are a few ideas of what to use if you don't have a traditional punch bowl set.  Altogether much more creative and your guest will love it, even just a simple jug or large flower vase will do, but try to get something clear so people can see all the beautiful fruits.

punch in a large jar

using jam jars for punch glasses

ice punch bowl

watermelon punch bowl

Make sure you and your guests know how strong the punch is - it can be quite deceptive when something tastes so refreshing on a hot day and can lead to plenty of sore heads the next morning! (speaking from experience!)

Enjoy your parties!

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