Blue trees and Brazilian friends

Blue Trees

Trees, trees, beautiful bright blue trees... ??

Australian artist Konstantin Dimopoulos is on a mission to open eyes stop the deforestation that is happening across the world.  He's painting trees blue - bright, vibrant, electric blue , a colour that you will not see naturally occurring, a colour to make us stop and notice the trees.

The pigment is safe, water based and does no harm to the trees or surrounding environment.

Would you notice your local trees if they were suddenly sprayed bright blue? Would you be annoyed? That's exactly the point, by making trees ping out we are reminded just how important they are to us. Both aesthetically and environmentally.

Would it make you stop and think? Read on for a way you can help right now to stop deforestation in the Amazon.

What can you do right now to help stop deforestation?  

Yes, there are lots of ways we can save paper around the home and in the office and if you are a fan of Not Mass Produced, you probably do many of them already, but here is an initiative from Green Peace that could possibly stop mass deforestation in the Amazon - It's amazing that this is still true:

Every 30 seconds a piece of the Amazon the size of a soccer pitch is razed to the ground to make way for cattle grazing or for the planting of agricultural crops on the newly vacant land.

With the help of the Brazilian Friend Finder, you can use your social networks to find Brazilians who will sign this petition to help save what is left of the Amazon - sounds crazy but through using the power of Twitter you could help get 1.4million Brazilian signatures and only Brazilian signatures will do! 

Take a look at the FAQ's to find out more about how this law could help and how GreenPeace support the indiginous people of the Amazon and hopefully stop this destructive deforestation for good.

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