Simple and sustainable gift wrapping ideas

You can save both money and a few trees by trying these really simple ideas to wrap your gifts without having to buy brand new gift wrap. They look great too...

Re-use wrapping paper

This has to be number one. If you take care when opening gifts you can 'hand iron' out the paper, fold it up and stash it away for use later on. This is especially true for gift bags, even if the sender has written on the bag you may be able to glue something over the top to cover it up.


Wrapping gifts in newspaper can look fantastic if you dress them up well. Adding a splash of colour or a pretty detail with a bow or ribbon can make newspaper look like designer wrapping paper.

Old Maps

Those large road maps that have seen better days can be re purposed for wrapping paper, or made into these fantastic little pillow boxes.

Kids drawings

Children can get through enormous quantities of paper - save drawings for wrapping gifts, grandparents will be especially pleased :)

Recycled brown paper

You can buy inexpensive brown parcel paper and decorate it with simple cut outs, ribbons or potato cut stamping (release your inner child or get your kids to do this for you!) or painting a pattern onto the paper before you wrap the gift.

Decorate parcels with fabric flowers

Fabric scraps can easily be made into pretty flowers that will dress up a plainly wrapped gift.
Natural decorations

Natural Decorations

If your present isn't going to be hanging around long why not nip into the garden or park with some scissors and collect a little bouquet of flowers, leaves, twigs, dried seed heads or cones to add a little flourish to your gift wrap.  This works really well with plain brown paper wrapping too.

Paper Bows

It's a lot of fun to learn how to make these paper bows, and once you have nailed it you'll never need to buy one again! Cherish the time you spend making these, it can be very theraputic (if you don't leave it right until the very last minute!)  Make them in batches and keep them for emergencies.

For even more inspiration take a look at our Sustainable Wrapping Ideas Pinterest board - let us know if you have any ideas for wrapping presents, or if you have blogged about wrapping we'd love to add your ideas...

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  1. Great wrapping ideas, especially those with the kids drawings. Sometimes I use my son's drawings as a wrapping paper.
    Thanks for inspiring!


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