Hello ethical - hello beautiful...

Stamp queens head cushion

...and hello to the new 'Not Mass Produced' Blog!

We have given the blog a little spring spruce up and we are looking forward to filling it each week with lovely juicy articles about craft and ethical design, interviews with our artisans and of course regularly sharing a few gems from the Not Mass Produced website. Just like this fabulous vintage postage stamp cushion, from designer maker Lucy Liz.

Ethical | Beautiful

Keep your eyes out for our regular cool hunting posts where we will be sharing the best in inspiring, ethical, beautiful, design from around the world.  As many of you know (or could guess from our name) we are strong supporters of ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly design and production - as such we read a fair few blogs on the subject!  

Please let us know if you write a blog which has ethical design and sustainability at it's heart, so we can add it to our reading list and share your thoughts and finds right here.

...and yes, just like many of you, we have fallen head over heels for the time vampire that is Pinterest.  We're often to be found  hoarding  collecting fabulous images, videos and links to share here and over on our facebook page, just take a look at our beautiful Pinterest boards so far. This one is entitled Ethical - Beautiful of course!

ethical beautiful design

Featured Artisans

We'll also be sharing interviews with our designer makers, letting you find out a little more about what inspires them, how they got started and what they have planned for the future.  It's great to get an insight into the lives of our makers, it really helps us to understand the process and the added value in the items they hand make from their homes and workshops.

DIY - Fabulous Tutorials!

So many of us that love to buy handmade gifts, also love to make them ourselves.  We'll be regularly sharing tutorials, diy's and makes that we have found across the web.  The internet is alive with makers sharing their skills and we want to ensure their blogs get seen.  We especially like tutorial that re-use, repurpose and recycle.

Are you excited?  We certainly are!   Please give us some lovely feedback and positive encouragement along the way (comments and shares will really boost our morale, treble wink, double nudge!) and of course let us know what you're up to.  If you, like us have a passion for beautiful, sustainable and ethical design then leave us a link in the comments so we can come and say hello and wave exitedly from our facebook and twitter pages :)

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